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Only experts make huge profits in the trading world, but we have discovered the easiest way for people just like us to make money too: copying them.

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Investing has never been so simple; with our "iFollow" you are able to monitor the operations of the more than 500.000 EmpireOption's users and select those that make more money everyday, to place exactly the same operations that they place.

You can choose to copy traders because of their higher daily earnings or because they are using a particular asset. For example: copy those who make more money investing in EUR/USD, Coca Cola, Disney or Apple. It doesn't really matter the asset, it matters more you follow the successful investors, and as a result each one of their operations, will be yours too.

Copying is totally for free, you just need to credit money in your account in order to have the balance to place your operations. The money is 100% yours in every successful operation, without commissions or taxes.

  • Madeleine Holden


    I registered in EmpireOption looking for an extra income for my home. Honestly, I don't have any idea about financial markets, but with your copying tool, I can enter everyday and find out what others do to make money. Today I generate a considerable extra income and I use it to pay the education of my children.

  • Jude Jones


    I've been registered in EmpireOption for two years now and making profits that never surpassed the monthly 10% but after you added the Copying tool, I am winning incomes over 63 %, especially with assets like OIL or GOLD, which I never knew how to trade them. Now they have solved it for me. Payments are on time and I can't be happier.

  • David Berry


    Investing was an impossible word for me, I could hardly pay my bills. But I entered to EmpireOption, with the minimum deposit and using the Copying tool to copy other users, I immediately made my first profits. Then I attended the seminars and read each one of their ebooks so as to help me to improve. Today I keep copying other investors, but I really understand what I'm doing.